I’m really thankful for Walter! He’s a fantastic puppy! I am exceedingly grateful and pleased with the level of care offered by Teddy’s and his family. They kept me up to date on Walter’s progress by sending me images, videos, and information. Thank you so much Teddy’ Outstanding Home Breed Puppies, and if you’re thinking about getting a Outstanding Home Breed Puppies for your family, I strongly recommend this breeder!

Kilrien Lambert


Hello, the service was fantastic! I appreciate the puppy concierge who kept in touch with me until the payment was completed and a travel date was set. Every day, I received an email or a phone call asking if I had any issues or any assistance. I received phone calls wondering how my new addition was doing after I took her home. I’ve previously done some research on the topic of review stating. The best experience I’ve ever had, and I’ve recommended Teddy Outstanding Home Breed Puppies to all of my friends and anybody else who would listen.

Jimenez Selby

New Mexico.

When we found Teddy Outstanding Home Breed Puppies, we knew we had found our perfect pet. Ace, who we adopted, is a happy and healthy little boy! Full of life and sweetness. From the moment we Outstanding Home Breed Puppies to the day of our adoption, there was excellent communication and all of our queries were answered. Teddy followed up with us the next day after we brought him home to make sure everything was going great, which it was!! We can’t say enough good things about and couldn’t be happier.

Kathie, Ben


I adopted Baby Gracey on August 5, 2021, and I am in love with her. She’s a stunning Outstanding Home Breed Puppies who is also very healthy. Teddy was quite helpful when he picked up the call, answering all of my questions and guiding me through the entire process. While I was waiting for Gracey to turn eight weeks old, Teddy sent me photos and videos of her. Gracey was examined by my veterinarian the same day I brought her up. Gracey was in perfect health, according to my veterinarian. I honestly couldn’t be happier with Gracey. Teddy Outstanding Home Breed Puppiesthank you for such a wonderful pet. I would strongly advise you to purchase Outstanding Home Breed Puppies puppies from this family.


Glendale, Arizona

We’ve been hunting for a Outstanding Home Breed Puppies for almost two years, and I’ve always been unsure of what I’ll get. However, Teddy Outstanding Home Breed Puppieshome handled me fairly, and I now have a gorgeous baby girl who is perfect!! My wife and I appreciate these people taking the time to answer any questions we had and then following up with us when Missy arrived; I will always do business with you guys since they are trustworthy people.

Thank you very much.

Natalie & David


I was one of those people who thought buying a puppy like this via the internet was tough, but it was such a pleasure to work with them, who were eager to help you in every way they could so you could receive your new little buddy. The dog is fantastic. He has a sweet disposition, a lovely coat, and is well-behaved for a puppy. I would go through them if I were to get another Outstanding Home Breed Puppies. I had a great time buying from them, and you will not be disappointed. Thank you a lot Teddy Outstanding Home Breed Puppies



I had to wait two months for my lovely Luigi. My time with you guys was fantastic. Luigi has been remarkable in every way, with the best disposition and aptitude to learn. If I were looking for another puppy, he would be the only one I would consider. I also had the privilege of breeding my boy, which resulted in a lovely litter. Thank you for bringing such a wonderful boy into our lives.

Mary Garcia


Greetings! I just wanted to express my gratitude for being so patient with me and assisting me in selecting the best puppy for me. My source of inspiration is your amazing professionalism and dedication to your puppies. My small pet makes me very happy. It’s only been a few days, but his small personality, as well as his cheekiness, have already emerged. thanks Teddy Outstanding Home Breed Puppies



“Everyone usually says, “Make sure you choose a good breeder,” but until I found you all online, I had no idea what that meant! They wanted to see Suzzy and me together before making a decision; his first goal is to find the best home for his puppies. That instantly made me trust him. He also spent the time and effort to start training Suzzy when she was a baby. She assisted me in molding her into a patient, obedient, kind dog… my dearest little friend.

Thank you very much.

Lanny Robinson

New York